Remember these words…………

Zendo Deb says it right we have lost our damned minds

Weep for the state of our culture. Colorado school calls sheriff on boy, 12, who showed toy gun in virtual class.

He was just moving it out of his way. And it is clearly a toy. But that doesn’t matter to woke-scolds in charge of public indoctrination, masquerading as education.

The concerned teacher notified the school’s principal, who suspended Elliott for five days and called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office without first talking to Elliott’s parents, the report said.

But her main concern wasn’t about safety; it was about ideological conformity.

Remember that phrase Ideological conformity

Ideological conformity is the goal of the left. Notice that in the sports world, no one is really pushing back against the current narratives about social justice and racial injustice. Are we to believe that every analyst and commentator is in agreement with the BLM agenda? Of course they aren’t. But they are afraid of the consequences of standing up and presenting facts. Disagreement is no longer allowed in some circles you see. Statistics that prove the BLM narratives about police randomly killing Blacks are not only erroneous, but completely false are condemned as RAAAAACIST!

This is where we are now. We are at a place where wisdom, and facts have been replaced by blind rage, and hatred. We must not stop, and reason, we must be WOKE! Or else! Thinkers? People who use data, facts, and reason? They are trashed and demonized while propagandists who spout falsehoods are lauded and celebrated. I was just watching First Take on ESPN. I wanted to see what the reactions of Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith were going to be towards the Kansas City Chiefs fans who booed the Chiefs and Houston Texan players who all locked arms to show “unity” before the first NFL game of the year. It was, sadly pathetic and hateful. Ryan Clark, a former player went off on the fans, inferring that they booed because they did not want to see Black people protected from police brutality and racism. They booed, he said because the players are trying to end racism. Wow! Does he believe his own BS? Of course because WOKE!

And, of course the hosts praised Clark, and nodded their heads in agreement and adulation because, again, WOKE! Of course, no one was there to push back or debate facts because only a RAAAAACIST would dare argue against wokeness you see. Again, ideological conformity is the goal. THAT, is what these fans were booing, they were booing the fact that sports should be about sports. Players can have agendas, they can protest, be activists if they like. Most fans do not care, but, they want to be able to enjoy sports, without the narratives and propaganda. That s not racism, that is just a fact! But, again, ideological lock step is the goal. To the left right now, that is the only important thing.

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