Our friend Animal has little patience for leftist idiocy, idiocy like this

What the actual fuck, California.

Oh, but it gets better!  California has long had an option for plenty of “green,” clean, cheap abundant energy in the form of nuclear power.  But in 2018, that state voted to close their last nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon, thus condemning the people of California to, well, shutting off their major appliances at 3PM.

There’s an old joke that applies here:

Q:  What did socialists use for light before candles?

A:  Electricity!

Go read it all while I go turn my fridges to the coldest setting because

One thought on “Marxifornia-AGAIN!”

  1. Woodland Hills was 121° Sunday an all-time high temperature for Los Angeles county
    It was only 113° where I live on the eastern edge of LA county and Eric Garcetti can go fuck himself while he’s sitting in the mayors mansion

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