Links for Perusers, to, ah, peruse

Some suggested links for’ y’all to peruse, at your leisure, while drinking coffee, snacking on bacon, and biscuits, with peach preserves, and butter, and eggs, scrambled with cheese, and spiced with some nice cayenne pepper, or any source of heat you may prefer

Whores and Ale has some questionable dietary habits it seems

19th Ward understands what BLM real toly is, detestable, and vicious

Zendo Deb notes that the Biden camp is a nest of liars

Pitsnipes Gripes will cause much offense with this post, it may be “offensive”, but MAN IS IT FUNNY!

Knuckledraggin shares some thoughts

90 Miles has SCARY BIDEN

Feral Irishman? His legendary Femme Fatale post is up

A Nod to the Gods has truth. If you can protest, you can vote

Fritz has another reason to vote Trump

Animal ponders our current revolution

The Lid shows the difference between President Trump and Basement Joe

The View From Lady Lake Ponders Killing Time

Bacon Time has BIG fun with a BIG gun

By Other Means has Cosplay

The Right Way: So NOW riots are bad…..

The Other McCain has a tale of a no-compliant “Martyr”

The Last Tradition has a wonderful video

Diogenes covers another “peaceful moment”

The notorious EBL roasts Biden and Harris

Free North Carolina to Leftists: I got you sensitivity right here!!

Sonoran Conservative had your idiotic intellectual of the day

Rio Norte: The Moral War?

Madd Medic has LINKY LINKS

It Ain’t Holy Water loves laughing at Leftist Fail

Legal Insurrection notes how Leftism destroys

Red Pill Jew has Gratuitous Rule 5

Pirates Cove has his legendary Sorta Blogless Post

PhilthyDelphia has some hard truth

Moonbattery notes the continued descent of the Left

Pacific Pundit wraps us up with this evil bastard

More coming later

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