Damned cowards taking down statues are worse than the thugs demanding they come down

Think about the guts our Founders had. Think of the courage it took to risk their necks, literally. As Ben Franklin said of the revolution- “We will hang together, or we will hang separately

Now, we have those who seek peace by licking the feet of tyrants who wish to erase this nations heritage.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Washburn University removed their Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin statues outside the law building at the end of July.

With a Jefferson statue at the University of Missouri targeted by vandals, and a petition, Washburn President Dr. Jerry Farley told 13 News he wanted to get ahead of possible student and faculty disapproval of the two founding fathers who once owned slaves.

“They poured paint on it, they tried to break it apart, they had wrapped it up in some gaudy, terrible stuff and had written some things about it and then we realized that we’ve got one of them right here and so what do we want to do,” he said.

Without Jefferson, Mason, Henry, Franklin, Madison, Washington, and the rest we would not have the liberty we do, and cowards today want to just give it all away.

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