Oh goody another groveling apology

All these fake apologies are wearing me out, especially the ones issued decades after the imagined offense

Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has acknowledged and apologized for donning black- and brownface in a 1984 promotional video.

The video, for the 1984 Stop Making Sense concert film, appears in at least one of its Blu-ray releases and features Byrne, 68, portraying different characters interviewing himself.

“Recently a journalist pointed out something I did in a promo video skit in 1984 for the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense,” he tweeted. “In the piece I appear as a number of different characters interviewing myself, and some of the characters portrayed are people of color.”

And? So what?

“To watch myself in the various characters, including Black- and brownface, I acknowledge it was a major mistake in judgment that showed a lack of real understanding,” he wrote. “It’s like looking in a mirror and seeing someone else – you’re not, or were not, the person you thought you were.”

Just stop, I am so tired of this cycle of fake apologies given to those who love pretending to be victims

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