Coddling miscreants: A fools errand

Spoiling already spoiled brats

After backlash from students and the school’s Office of Multicultural Life, Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania has removed face masks featuring the “thin blue line” flag from its bookstore. The college also committed to “educate” itself on how allowing such things “adversely affect our students, faculty, and staff of color.”

In an email to the college community obtained by Campus Reform, Muhlenburg College Chief Business Officer and Treasurer Kent Dyer said that the Berg Bookshop “ordered a range of different masks to make available” for students, and pro-police masks were among them. Dyer said the masks “were removed from the bookstore as soon as the situation was reported to the College.”

Dyer went on to claim that the Blue Lives Matter flag is linked to “white supremacist [sic]” and “alt right” groups and that it is “a symbol that seeks to discount and erase concerns related to police brutality and other aspects of the Black Lives Matter Movement”

Dyer assured students that the bookstore staff would “meet with members of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Multicultural Life to discuss the impact of the incident,” adding that “the College stands in firm support of Black Lives Matter and its goals of valuing the Black members of our communities and ensuring we do all we can to be more anti-racist.”

Ah yes ANTI-Racist, which really means being openly racist and hateful to anyone that thinks for themselves

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