Chris Cuomo is a professional liar

Check this arrogant ass out

The Right Scoop, corrects Fredo here

Cuomo claims the ‘protesters’ Rittenhouse shot were unarmed, but we know that’s not true. The guy who Rittenhouse shot in the arm was had a glock in his hand, which is evident from the video. The other guys were physically attacking him, trying to both take his weapon and kill him, according to his attorney last night. Part of that is also evident from the video.

Cuomo also claims Rittenhouse brought his gun with him, inferring that he brought it across state lines, and saying that it was illegal for him to carry openly. But his attorney explains that he did not bring the firearm with him across state lines, the firearm was legal and that Rittenhouse “as a 17 year old was legally entitled to have that firearm in his possession.”

Make sure to go read it all

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