Tennessee Democrats exile Black lawmaker for wrong think

I first posted this video a few days ago, and wondered how long before John DeBerry Jr. was booted by the modern day Democratic Party, which is left of reality. Well, Zendo Deb reports that, DeBerry has been declared undeserving of tolerance and inclusion

Democratic Tennessee Lawmaker John DeBerry Jr. is a politician who makes sense. Actually he was kicked out of the Democratic party, after 26 years, because he has “biblical views” on certain topics, and the Democrats did not approve. (More on that later.) Tennessee Democrat rejected by his party delivers powerful speech condemning violent riots

Longtime Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker Rep. John DeBerry Jr. says people refusing to acknowledge the violent riots going on in America right now are fooling themselves, and warned his colleagues in a powerful floor speech this month that such behavior must be condemned and stopped.

DeBerry is also pro-life, which, of course, is no longer allowed by Democrats so, they tried to not only boot him, but to prevent him from running for re-election because tolerance

The Left it seems is tolerant of everything except for differing views. They kicked him out of the Democratic primary in the hopes that it would keep him off the ballot. Doing it at a time when they believed it would just mean he was out.

But the Republican-led legislature voted to amend state elections rules so that DeBerry could run as an Independent in November. He is facing a Democrat, and no Republicans are in the race.

Those damn racist Republicans! How dare they empower people!

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