Don’t serial killers often start by slaughtering animals?

Moonbattery notes the evil of BLM

It doesn’t bother some that Black Lives Matter rioters have destroyed many people’s lives with their relentless mayhem. Maybe this will get through, so that even the most obtuse will understand the caliber of the “mostly peaceful protesters” who have been burning our country down:

Black Lives Matter supporters ran over a raccoon twice before beating it to death with a baseball bat in a horrific and senseless act of animal cruelty before posting the video online and saying people should “worry about the police killing Black people” and “treating us like animals.”

“James Blue”, the person who filmed the violence, attempted to justify the animal cruelty by saying that “Black lives matter” and “Only white people worry about animals.”

Crybully BLM rhetoric can excuse any act of barbarism, even this (WARNING: FOOTAGE FEATURES DISTURBING ANIMAL CRUELTY):

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