Can I get an amen…….

19th Ward nails it

It was a horrible mistake by sports owners to allow a players political expression onto the field.  A distinction needed to be made that permitted players to express their political feeling either before or after games, not during the games!

But, owners didn’t do that and invited a horrible mess!

Sports are suppose to be an escape for fans.  They have no interest to listen to players feel about any
political or social issue.  That’s not what they were hired for.

After the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks  taken to boycott and refused to play in the playoffs.  Other teams across the sports world have taken the example and refused to play as well.  

This is the moment sports owners need to draw a line in the sand.

And it would REALLY benefit everyone if they waited until all the evidence was seen, and heard before reaching a judgement?

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