Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

How should a woman stop an armed intruder? Take a wild guess

Here’s a story you won’t hear “gun safety” activists like Shannon Watts talk about, even though it involves a strong, empowered woman using a firearm responsibly to ensure her own safety. A Bell County, Texas woman is alive and well today thanks to the fact that she was armed for self-defense when a stranger broke into her home on Monday night.

According to Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange, the woman was on the second floor of the home when she heard a banging at her front door. It wasn’t a knock, but more like someone trying to break in the door, so the homeowner grabbed her pistol and headed downstairs. That’s where she ended up confronting the intruder, who was also armed but apparently wasn’t expecting to see a homeowner with a gun.

The burglar quickly fled through the front door and hopped into a car with several other individuals, speeding away into the night. Their getaway was short-lived, however, as the car was pulled over not far away in the county seat of Belton

As Cam Edwards points out, this is the type of story the Cult of Gun Control never mentions, I think we all know why

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