Then, they came for high school girls

Lynch Mob Mentality is what we see now. Step outside the protective boundaries of approved speech and…………

An online petition calling for disciplinary action against cheerleaders at Daphne High School over a photo depicting a Confederate flag emblem had by Monday morning garnered more than 10,000 signatures.

The petition was started by Reagan Coleman, a Black student who formerly was a member of the cheerleading squad but said she quit following an Instagram post showing some members of the squad.

So, 10,000 people want these kids, yes kids punished because cancellation is mandated in these days of ultra wokeness

In the photo, which has since been deleted, several cheerleaders were seen in a group of six women posing with a T-shirt reading, “I Love Redneck Boys.” In place of the word love was the heart sign with a Confederate battle flag. Another young woman in the photo held an American flag.

OK, and? Isn’t free expression an American ideal? Aren’t we supposed to allow diversity? Isn’t that the ideal? Yeah, right! Not when a social justice warrior is offended!!

It seems that the “victim” is motivated by personal feelings perhaps

Coleman, on her online petition, stated the photo was posted on July 4.

“They have faced remotely no consequences and are still on Daphne’s Cheer Team,” Coleman wrote.

“I knew I needed to speak up about this matter and Daphne’s negligence. I have since quit the team due to their carelessness and inactivity. I am not trying to ignite hate on these girls,

Blah, blah, blah. If she does not want punishment why the petition? This is about publicity for the brat who is OFFENDED and punishment for the girls who strayed off the Plantation of Approved Speech

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