Leftist Lie #1 eradicated

To eradicate a lie is, for me, a process. I will take it in steps

Step 1 identify the lie

The lie is that police are hunting down Black men and killing them for simply being Black, or, as Mike McDaniel labels it the BLM narrative

If one believes the Black Lives Matter/Media/D/S/C narrative, America’s police are systematically racist, and are murdering unarmed, innocent black men in huge numbers.  Even black police officers are involved, so insidious is the white privilege brainwashing.  Anyone daring to say otherwise is a white supremacist, and is obviously racist.  Such a one is scholar Heather MacDonald, whose research is alarming—to say the least–to the aforementioned race hustlers.  MacDonald, whose research and presentations are mindless attacked, but never substantively disproved, is among the contemporary objects of cancel culture.

Step 2, refute the lie, and thus the liars spreading the lie. No one has better done this than MacDonald, she is a national treasure. Of course, the media, none of them, including Fox, has had MacDonald on to allow her to share her data. To be fair Fox might have had her on but if so, they likely limited the segment to two minutes like they do every segment, after all, they have to let their anchors have time to hawk their new books, because priorities!

As McDaniel points out, MacDonald destroys the BLM narrative, and you should listen to her facts

Last week, the Center For The American Experiment, an organization run by Powerline’s John Hinderaker, produced a 40-minute video featuring MacDonald, which presents the truth about the narrative.  Posted on You Tube, it was almost immediately banned.  Why?  Because it tells the truth, and the truth is the BLM narrative is a vicious and destructive lie.  Hinderaker appealed, and You Tube quickly reposted the video, but with an age limitation.  It seems You Tube doesn’t want kids to know the truth.  Take this link to Bookworm Room to view the video.

Ah YouTube playing national nanny again. Thankfully, as McDaniel states Bookworm Room has it, you can watch it here because we need to spread the truth around.

A few highlights from the video,

In 2019, only 9 “unarmed” black men were killed nationwide, compared with 19 white men.  

*Police officers are deployed where there is the greatest need for their services.  In cities, this means poor black neighborhoods where they are most likely to encounter violent black criminals.

And this, which eviscerates the BLM propaganda

Go take the time and watch the video, because our media is, again, trying to make news, rather than reporting facts.

3 thoughts on “Leftist Lie #1 eradicated”

  1. every black male shot by police was in the process of committing a crime, including the angel george floyd

  2. It doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. There is only feelings – feelings that make you feel special and justified in being angry.

    That’s why the Left is so successful – they traffic in FEELINGS and NARRATIVE and MYTH that appeal to the core, “reptile” brain.

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