And the Leftist idiocy continues

At the University of Vermont, some students are demanding that police be abolished

Backed by lawmakers, faculty members and student organizations, five UVM students demanded the administration make institutional and systemic change before a community member becomes the next hashtag.  

Nyria “RiRi” Stuart-Thompson ‘20, Hannah Lefevre ‘21, Dia Brown ‘21, Emmanuella Boateng ‘22 and Ari Kotler ‘21 sent an email to UVM administrators June 19 demanding they abolish UVM police and cut ties with Burlington Police Department among other actions to protect students of color.

This will “protect students” they say. Reality, of course would argue that the opposite is true, but reality is, now racist I suppose

Representing Womxn of Color Coalition,  Lawrence Debate Union, Chapter of  National Society of Black Engineers, NSBE New England Zone and Business Diversity, African Student Association and UVM Union of Students these students wrote a detailed email explaining the reason for their demands.

Over 50 people signed this email in solidarity including three state representatives, City Councilor Jane Stromberg, ten student organizations and 39 faculty members.

So, in actuality 11 students signed this this asinine edict. Of course, I did use math to subtract 39 from 50, and math is also racist so……….

Here is the rest of their demands

Such drivel and foolishness. These little leftists are, WOKE! And WOKE, or maybe even WOKE AF And only those educated beyond their hat size can ever be WOKE AF because they have zero common sense or wisdom. Maybe they are also CRAZY?

“We are not safe because we don’t have access to the mental health resources we need.” 

Ah, maybe they really are victims, not of police or America, or Caucasity but of Marxist propaganda? Such propaganda certainly targets and victimizes foolish people who have been conditioned to emote rather than think. Certainly it latches on to those who are trained to react emotionally if anyone dares disagree with them.

3 thoughts on “And the Leftist idiocy continues”

  1. Being that this is Vermont, with 1.4% of the population being black, the 11 students who signed it probably represent the totality of the black student population

  2. I remember going through this idiots’ dance at U of MD back @1973. In this case the potheads wanted the campus to be an enclave where no laws were enforced so they could toke up/shoot/snort their chemistry of choice without fear of arrest. It flew about as well as a Lawn Dart.

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