Saturday’s Good Reads

Ever think that China might have released the Corona Virus on purpose? Zendo Deb ponders this

Moonbattery looks at the race to oblivion between Seattle and Portland

19th Ward ponders what Lebron James could accomplish, if he just quit whining like a little bitch

Wirecutter ponders Rutgers version of “higher education”

Mike Miles ponders Democrats Derangement

Fritz ponders if we will say his name?

Animal notes the idiocy of the left

Bearing Arms notes the Cult of Gun Control is not really into enforcing laws

Blazing Cat Fur asks if anyone believes the “Peaceful Portland Protesters” BS

By Other Means shares CosPlay Hotness

Bob Belvedere explains why history matters

How stupid are many college students?

Daniel Greenfield looks at the “Whiteness” propaganda the left spews

Diogenes looks at The Lincoln Huckster project

Free North Carolina notes that the NY Slimes is still worthless

Whores and Ale reminds us that comedy is an art

Feral Irishman has the Friday Femme Fatale

LidBlog notes that Beto has achieved full blown ass hat status

View From Lady Lake has a ton of great stuff

Theo Spark has meaningful toonage!

The Right Way? Yes a very good read

The Other McCain: How Leftists stop crime

Last Tradition has this

Sonoran Conservative has this nugget

Rio Norte has “The Oath”

Red Pill Jew has date night women

Proof Positive has the BEST of the Web

Pirates Cove covers the latest outbreak of OUTRAGEOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS OUTRAGE

Pam Gellar notes that A&E really screwed up

Mike McDaniel The Social Contract

Mad Meddic has some great linkage

Finally, we have William Jacobson noting the stupidity of Gov. Cuomo

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