Just a reminder that the left is a nest of lying snakes

Some local media writes about the left lying, and getting busted

PUEBLO COUNTY — You may have seen a video circulating on social media appearing to show a Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputy showing off a button that says “Blue Klux Klan” on it.

The video quickly went viral and led to numerous calls for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputy to be fired.

But there’s more to the story.

News 5 obtained body camera video which shows the deputy was handed the derogatory button by a protester at a rally over Pueblo’s Christopher Columbus statue. The 14-minute body camera video gives us the full context which shows the woman giving him the button and another woman recording the deputy holding the button, then leaving.

The video goes on to show what the social media post didn’t- the deputy saying he doesn’t like or agree with the pin and then he tossed it in the trash.

Please go read it all, this is what the left does, they create false narratives and then push them as if they are true. As Dennis Prager says the Left does not value truth

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