Another “look at me” moment for fools and snowflakes

Leftism is an ideology of narcissism. This is why they LOVE their bumper stickers, to show how much they care. Those stickers, and all the other virtue signalling are really cries of “LOOK AT ME!!!” See how much I care, see how woke I am! This example from San Antonio, is just the latest proof of that

San Antonio College announced in July that it will remove its “Ranger” mascot.

The Ranger, which has been a part of the school’s tradition since 1926, has been a topic of debate, especially in recent months. In June, the school began a decision-making process to determine whether or not the name should remain. A council voted unanimously to change the mascot.

“This is a historic day! The debate is over and San Antonio College has gone on record as being inclusive, diverse, empowered, decisive, true to its values – and committed to doing the right thing,” SAC President Dr. Robert Vela said. “We’ve taken a great leap forward and now we can begin the process of fashioning a new mascot identity that reflects the very best qualities of our SAC community.”

See folks LOOK AT US!, We made history, we changed the world. When in truth these pinheads did nothing but force their view on to others. And yes, the narcissists are the decided minority

The school’s official Twitter account gave students an opportunity to let the administration know how they felt about the school’s mascot. The official SAC Twitter account issued a tweet to a link where students could share their thoughts. The survey found that while only 14 percent and 32 percent of staff and faculty, respectively, wanted to keep the mascot, a whopping 53 percent of students wanted to keep it. Among alumni, 41 percent voted to keep the Ranger mascot while 34 percent of the “community” voted to keep it. 

See? Screw the majority, screw democracy, screw everyone except, of course, the self-absorbed bullies.To them “democracy” is only good when it suits them.

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