Little girl saved after home invader freak suffers severe buckshot allergies

THANK GOD for this homeowner, and his shotgun

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — 12 News has obtained body-worn camera video from a May shooting that left a teenager dead after he broke into a Scottsdale family’s home, naked. 

The homeowner found Cameron Yoe, 18, naked in his six-year-old daughter’s bedroom, according to Scottsdale Police, and shot him twice with his shotgun.

The video shows officers arriving at the home and being met by the homeowner, who still had the shotgun in his hand. He told police he wasn’t sure if there was another intruder. 

“There was a naked man with gloves on in my daughter’s bedroom and I put two bullets in him,” he told police.

More officers arrived, getting the rest of the family out of the house before searching for the bedroom with Yoe’s body inside. According to the police report, Yoe was “obviously” dead when they found him. 


“I was in the workshop,” he homeowner told police on the video. “I heard the dog bark, grabbed the boomstick (shotgun).”

Yoe was found naked with gunshot wounds to the stomach and chest. He was wearing a medical face mask and black latex gloves, but nothing else, according to police records

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