Saturday Night Offendeditis

Offendeditis is a malady that afflicts the left, it is as if they were born offended, and are really only happy when they are offended. SO, let us make these whiners happily offended!

I will begin with by paying homage to my numerous ancestors who fought in the War of Northern Aggression

It is almost like Kentucky Headhunter is trying to trigger Feminists IF so, he has my blessings, since feminists are usually offended anyway

The 19th Ward notes that Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice is as stupid as she looks

Zendo Deb has a message for the Goya boycotters and yes it does rhyme with duck too

90 Miles sums up the BLM trash very well

Fritz sees OFFENSIVES Side Boob!

Animal Magnetism notes that Democratic governance sucks

Bacon Time is bound to give the vapors to the Feminuts with this one

Blazing Cat Fur will no doubt offend “The Little Ball of Hate”

Campus Reform has yet ANOTHER fake Hate Crime

Feral Irishman has Friday Femme Fatale

A Nod to the Gods uses common sense, the Leftists hate that!!

The Lid exposes angry Seattle Marxist

The View From Lady Lake has even more Feminist angering content


The Right Way? OFFENSIVE

The Other McCain-?? OFFENSIVER

The Last Tradition? OFFENSIVEST!

Sonoran Conservative Bikinis are Exploitive!

Rio Norte The 1619 Project is absolute horse shit and not all knots are nooses!

Red Pill Jew has random thoughts, of course thinking is OFFENSIVE


Pirates Cove notes more outrageously outrageous outrages!

Pappy notes what an asshat de Blasio is

Pacific Pundit notes the Left HATES police cars

Moonbattery notes that cartoons are OFFENSIVE

Mike McDaniel mocks the Left so well, TRIGGER ALERT

Free North Carolina looks at race pimping

Diogenes looks at how triggered folks are truly pathetic

Daniel Greenfield wraps up our OFFEND-A-Thon with the truth about BLM

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