FINALLY Cancel Culture vs Wasps!

Whew, just in time to maybe stop murder hornets! Oh, wait, no………

The purge of all things associated with America’s heritage and core population has reached such a hysterical frenzy that not even insects are safe.

Emory & Henry College in Virginia has announced to students the school will re-examine its wasp mascot. Why? The bug may appear “exclusive” to students who are not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, or “WASPs.”

Good Freaking Grief!! I think being stung by a murder might be less painful than putting up with the idiots who put up with such idiocy

They may have to change the name of the school itself. It was named after people who lived hundreds of years ago and therefore did not conform to today’s norms: John Emory and Patrick Henry. They are no longer to be viewed as a Methodist Episcopal Church bishop and a Founding Father, but as evil white slave owners.

Ah, we need Patrick Henry about now. “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” The snowflakes would explode if they heard such a declaration

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