Emotional blackmail, false solutions define the Left

Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms is past fed up with the left’s shame tactics, and, yeah, I am as well

Every time there’s a mass shooting at a school, some nimrod is going to go on about how people who oppose gun control just don’t care about murdered children. They say the same thing when it’s some kid caught in the crossfire between two warring gangs in inner-city Chicago or Baltimore. The fact that we won’t roll over for their solution means we don’t want any solutions.

On July 4th, NBC ran a so-called “think piece” about just when patriotism became about selfishness. It’s unsurprising that a member of the media would think patriotism automatically means adhering to left-leaning ideology. However, I wasn’t really worried about the stupidity until I got to this little tidbit:

But I guess a country that values access to guns over children’s lives so often that the response to what was, pre-pandemic, near-daily mass shootings is “thoughts and prayers” instead of gun control doesn’t really have any pride left in itself.

That huffing and puffing you hear is the author of this piece Mikki Kendall furiously digging away in the Pit of leftist Stupidity looking for relevance, and a clue. Too bad fake moral superiority and rehashing failed ideas like gun control cannot make Mikki smart. Go read the rest, Knighton lays into her pretty good, not that she will get a clue. She prefers to stay on her high horse of ignorance

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