BLM thugs want to dictate what we can wear now

Via Moonbattery

Under totalitarianism, everything is political. A store must sell nothing that is not politically correct. Like most major corporations, Walmart has gone out of its way to express support for the Marxist black supremacists who have been looting, rioting, and destroying historical statuary throughout the country. It pledged an astonishing $100 million to promoting Black Lives Matter’s toxic ideology. Yet its website continued to sell products not in compliance with this ideology, as if non-leftists should be allowed to buy things too.

Naturally, the liberal media is enraged. Fumes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Walmart is facing scrutiny for selling shirts that appear to support certain race-related and social movements, with T-shirts that feature variations of the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, including “All Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter,” “Irish Lives Matter” and “Homeless Lives Matter.”

See, Wal Mart must not only sell BLM propaganda wear, ONLY sell what BLM says Wal Mart can sell.

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