The War on History is not limited to tearing down monuments

One thing that has always amazed me is the duplicity of the left on teaching history. Consider that we are never supposed to forget slavery. I agree, we must not ever forget one of the worst chapters in history. The left, however is not consistent on the never forgetting part. It seems that any actual remembrance is to be shunned somehow. Take a case in Fredericksburg, Virginia for instance

(CNN) — The city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, has removed an auction block marking the spot where African Americans were once displayed and sold as slaves.

The 800-pound slave auction block was removed from a downtown corner Friday morning after nearly two years of deliberation among City Council, months of legal action that threatened to keep the stone in place, and weeks of postponement due to the state’s coronavirus restrictions.

“The institution of slavery was central to the community prior to the Civil War,” said John Hennessy, chief historian of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. “The trauma involved in that passed through generations. The block became an embodiment of the present and past pain in this community.”

Local tradition, records, and statements by African Americans themselves have identified the elevated stone as a place where slaves were sold. “There is no direct quote noting that a slave stood on the block to be sold, but there are statements made in the post-Civil War years by African Americans stating they were sold on that corner,” the city notes on its website.

So, we must hide reminders which could help teach us about slavery? Can someone explain this new logic to me? Likely no, because logic and education are not the aim here. Very sad this is. Pretty tough to teach about history when elements of it must be hidden away

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