College idiot wants to erase Ghandi


A student is circulating an online petition for the removal of a Gandhi statue from the California State University-Fresno campus. 

“I want to raise awareness about a prominent South Asian figure, Gandhi, and his racist remarks,” Akhnoor Sidhu said, local media reported, alleging that Gandhi called for the segregation of black people and was deeply prejudiced.

She states in her petition that Gandhi was prejudiced against all minorities and “displayed a shocking lack of morality.” He believed in the caste system, campaigned against civil rights efforts, and encouraged the segregation of Indians from black Africans, according to the petition. 

Additionally, Sidhu says, he was refused the Nobel Peace Prize five times. 

AND, he even liked pineapple on pizza!

One thought on “College idiot wants to erase Ghandi”

  1. Ghandi was not the man portrayed in the movie….. Perhaps, everyone should look into his actual history before crying for him…..

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