Actually, NO, the village should not raise, or educate, your child

Leftism destroys everything it touches, and yes, education is not exempt from that truth, nor is parenting as RS McCain notes.

Many readers will recall that in 1996 Hillary Clinton published a book — I won’t say she wrote it — called It Takes a Village, the title of which was supposedly inspired by an African proverb. Whether or not this actually is a proverb among Africans, or whether it was merely attributed to them to make it seem trendy and “multicultural,” I’ve always been averse to the claim that “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Whatever the origin of its title, Clinton’s book was essentially an argument against parental responsibility, a demand that government take charge of raising children whose parents were incompetent, and thus an embrace of collectivism. Back in the mid-1990s, my wife and I were already the parents of three children — our youngest three came along latter — and it was a heckuva struggle. While we certainly had family and friends who were helpful, our situation was made more difficult by several factors, including the fact that my mother died when I was 16, so we had half the ordinary supply of grandmotherly care, and we lived 700 miles from my wife’s family. Beyond that, we had discovered that the public schools are a complete disaster, with an anti-Christian curriculum and other problems too numerous to detail here. So . . .

You’re on your own.

Please go read it all, McCain makes some crucial points about just how important parental rights, and responsibilities are Sadly, the left has done their damndest to erode the role of parents while pushing their agenda on to our kids.

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