Your Cold, Hard Truth of the Day

Comes from Red Pill Jew, who makes the same point I have been making for years about the left

This is why the Left cannot be argued with.  It cannot be reasoned with.  It can’t be bought, or appeased.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are enslaved and love your slavery.  Because they’re MISSIONARIES.

Amen. Leftist are the new crazy religious zealots fanatics. And yes, they are all about making everyone “believe” as they do. And, nothing is off limits. This explains the rise of increasingly hateful rhetoric and behaviors from the left. Frightening? Yes, but, the truth, no matter how sobering, can help patriots stem the tide. Pray, stay informed, stay active, and yes stay armed and aware. If this tide of leftist fanaticism continues, there will be greater risks for those who dare oppose it.

Remember also that as the current war on police gets worse, more officers will quit, or not be able to do their jobs as is needed. We already see rising violent crime rates, that will also worsen. As this happens more Americans, who are buying and carrying firearms will be forced to defend themselves, and loved ones. This will, of course, lead to new calls for more “common sense” gun laws. Never forget that of all your liberties that of armed self-defense is the one the left loathe the most. That liberty is the one that will keep our liberty, without it……………….

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