Reminder to never, ever grovel

Great piece at Town Hall by Chris Stigall

Last month I wrote about Jimmy Fallon tripping all over himself to apologize for an SNL sketch twenty years ago in which he appeared in blackface to impersonate Chris Rock. I noted then and still note – we never heard from Chris Rock on the issue. Why? Because Chris Rock is an adult who knows what’s real. He knows nuance and intent. He knows Jimmy Fallon. They’re probably friends. That “controversy” wasn’t real. It was the beginning of a month-long “controversy” avalanche that became more absurd with each passing day.

Two things can be true at the same time, of course. George Floyd was killed at the hands of an abusive cop. The mob rule that ensued afterward was outrageous. Individual police departments reviewing the way they physically handle those they encounter is warranted. Tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln in Boston is intolerable.

Go read it all

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