Oh thank the god of Snowflakes, San Jose State bars evil hand gesture

The left will not be happy until the entire earth is a gulag of stupidity

San Jose State University in California is nixing its hand gesture tradition as a way of fighting “systemic racism,” as the university president says it is too close to a “well-known White Power” symbol. 

In a Juneteenth-themed letter to the campus community, SJSU President Mary Papazian announced that the school will retire its hand gesture tradition as part of a larger effort to create “long-term strategies to change policies and practices at the root of institutional and systemic racism.”

Soooo, yeah, sure a hand sign that has been used since anyone can remember, the “OK” sign has to be erased because some university head can pretend she is “doing something”. Fuck off!

“a New Traditions working group represented by students, faculty, and staff will explore and recommend new traditions to further strengthen our Spartan spirit.

Good Freaking Grief, I wonder what they will come up with. Maybe I could suggest this as a solution it fits the left perfectly

Consider that these ideas weasel words are also on tap for SJSU

Other efforts announced alongside the retirement of the hand gesture include “developing a physical display and interactive environment that explores SJSU’s complex history with race in an authentic and honest way,” and new staff training on “micro-aggression,” “white privilege,” and “racial oppression.”

“I want to emphasize that this is only the beginning, not the end, of our focus on addressing systemic racism at San José State University,” added Papazian.

God help them

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