Being a liberal will not protect you from the Outrageously Outraged Thugs

How about having your life turned upside down, over an “inappropriate” Halloween costume from two years ago?

YES, really!!

The Washington Post is defending its 3,000-word article about a random woman, 54, who attended a Post editorial cartoonists’ 2018 Halloween party dressed as Meghan Kelly in blackface. The woman (who will not be named by The Daily Wire) was fired from her employer after she told them about the costume incident, and that The Washington Post was writing a story on it. 

Even though the woman was confronted at the party, left in humiliation, and apologized to the host the next day, The Post decided to run an investigation nearly two years later after Lexie Gruber — one of the party guests who confronted the woman — decided to seek news coverage for it.

“Employees of The Washington Post, including a prominent host, were involved in this incident, which impelled us to tell the story ourselves thoroughly and accurately while allowing all involved to have their say,” a spokesperson for The Washington Post told Fox News in a statement.

“The piece conveys with nuance and sensitivity the complex, emotionally fraught circumstances that unfolded at the party attended by media figures only two years ago where an individual in blackface was not told promptly to leave.”

“America’s grappling with racism has entered a phase in which people who once felt they should keep quiet are now raising their voices in public. The story is a microcosm of what the country is going through right now,” said the spokesperson. 

Go read it all and understand why we, as a country have got to reject this fake outrage driven cancel culture.

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