Reach out, reach out and link someone

Whores and Ale has some retro TV

Pirates Cove hates the DH?

Wirecutter notes some men are NOT dad material

Feral Irishman has Friday Femme Fatale, yes it is adult content

19TH Ward has some great thoughts on our current crisis

Zendo Deb: Victim Selection FAIL!

90 Miles notes the price of “Woke”

Fritz has a thing for lady cops

Animal looks ponders no one seems to care about the vast majority of black victims

The Lid ponders how unarmed social workers will fare……….

Theo Spark has some TRUTH

The Right Way BE LINKING!

Red Pill Jew is a sucker for pretty faces

The Other McCain explains what the left is REALLY up to

Blazing Cat Fur: Screw the UN

By Other Means COSPLAY

Camp of the Saints has Bunker Hill

Diogenes: The media begins to reap what they have sown

Proof Positive has Biden vs Trump

Philthy-Delphia on how to handle punks

Pacific Pundit: And then, they came for Eskimo Pies

Moonbattery: Chik-fil-A can take a flying leap

Mike McDaniel on use of force

Legal Insurrection on ideological purity

Nose Wetter ponders when Rocky will be erased

Mad Medic has Gun Bits

Free North Carolina notes another Confederate memorial erased

More updates to come

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