Let the Wave of Offendeditis Flow!

We are all Snowflakes now folks! Or, at least, that is what it seems like these days. We are offended over T-shirts , remarks made six years ago, or comedy skits, on comedy shows 20 years ago, football coaches yelling? RAAAAACIST! Holidays? OFFENSIVE! And those statues, statues of historical figuries and monuments? Like OMG they all must go, YES ALL OF THEM, EVERYONE OF THEM must go because WOKE and IGNORANT is the thing to be! Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson? Gotta go! Winston Churchill? Bye Bye now! Cops in schools protecting kids? Not on the Cultural Stalinists watch! Yes, everything must go if it is historical, or traditional, or offends any snowflake anywhere! Let the Age of Insanity commence

3 thoughts on “Let the Wave of Offendeditis Flow!”

  1. Time to knock the statue of liberty down, it no longer has any meaning. Melt it down and make pennies out of it.

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