Senator Cotton gives great speech on cancel culture, then…………

Votes to erase Confederate generals? And, he was not the only Republican to do so Good Freaking Grief

The Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday voted to require the Pentagon to rename military bases and other assets named after Confederate generals, a move that puts the Republican-led panel on a collision course with the White House.

The committee adopted an amendment to the annual Pentagon policy bill that gives the Defense Department three years to remove the names of Confederate generals from U.S. military assets, according to a source familiar with the closed-door proceedings.

Again, how do they NOT get it? They are helping the cultural Stalinists erase our history and heritage. Do they think appeasement will work?Do they think the left will say OK that is enough? Maybe they have been dumbed down by “historians” who preach that the War Between the States was fought soley over slavery? Certainly some Republican commentators have bought into such nonsense. Whatever the case the fact is they are fools, and after Senator Cotton’s letter to the NY Slimes and hi powerful speech to the Senate denouncing the cancel culture, his vote is especially distressing.

But it also goes further and includes everything from ships to streets on Defense Department property.

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren offered the provision, which she previewed on Twitter.

“I filed an amendment to the annual defense bill last week to rename all bases named for Confederate generals. It’s long past time to end the tribute to white supremacy on our military installations,” Warren tweeted Tuesday, though it was not clear at the time if the amendment would be offered, or if it had any chance of success.

OK, let’s glom onto an amendment that Sen. Warren offered up. Have we learned nothing?

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