Leftism, an Ideology of Inconsistency

How can people on the left, on one hand be horrified at the prospect of businesses opening up during the outbreak Corona Virus, say nothing, or actually cheer mass gatherings of leftist protesters? Simple, it is another case of Consistent Inconsistentitis, a left wing disease where the victim is robbed of any consistency Observe

 made a career as an environmental scientist, largely hiding my conservative views except to a few trusted friends. I knew of a few others. But this WuFlu thing really emphasizes why you never trust a leftist scientist if their science clashes with their political beliefs. Jonah Goldberg, who has largely become unreadable due a case of advance Trump Derangement Syndrome, drops it long enough to have some insight again in The Treason of Epidemiologists – They erode the public trust when they tell people to stay home from church but encourage protests for a cause with which they agree.

We spent the last couple of months being hectored by public health experts and earnestly righteous media personalities who insisted that easing lockdown policies was immoral, that refusing to social distance or wear masks was nigh upon murderous. They even suggested that protests were somehow profane. But now that the George Floyd protests are serving as some kind of Great Awokening, many of the same are saying “never mind” about all of that. Protests aren’t profane, they’re glorious and essential—if they agree with what you’re protesting about.

Ah, but you are be consistent in your ideals if you think such things.

SEE! The virus may return because of all the people protesting the existence of America, and the looting, and beating innocent people, it may kill thousands more. BUT, the Leftist narrative about “systematic racism” MUST be pushed! So, out with social distancing for protesters, rioters, looters, etc.

In short, preventing the spread of the Covid virus is important, as long as we are hurting small businesses, and the evil economy which is part of our evil capitalist society, which is based on slavery, victimization, racism, sexism, and everything bad according to Marxism. BUT, spreading the same virus in pursuit of social justice where we will all be equal, in our poverty, and enslavement to the state! SEE how easy Leftist logic is? Consistency? BAH!

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