Reaching Around the Blogroll

If you have ever wondered what blogs you should read, here is your best advice. Read the ones I read Here is a sampling.

Whores and Ale talks Gold Diggers!

Knuckledraggin and family could use your prayers right now, please send them

Feral Irishman has the world’s best alarm clock

The Lid- Upon Further Review……………

Weasel Zippers- Democrats worst nightmare

View From Lady Lake WHAT A WEEK!

Theo Spark notes an odor of COUP

Bustednuckles might need glasses

The Right Way Has a Foolish Fool, being Foolish

The Right Scoop asks if Lori Lighthead is the dumbest mayor in America

The best commentary on the protests, riots, race baiting, and cop bashing? From RS McCain

The Last Tradition notes that a certain NFL QB is a gutless coward

Sonoran Conservative had you DOH!! post of the week

Rio Norte has some TRUTH

Red Pill Jew does Rule 5 very well

Proof Positive? You GOTTA check them out

EBL has a D-Day Prayer

Prager U WISDOM!

This breaks my heart

Pirates Cove ponders the foolish cowards who grovel

PhilthyDelphia has a MUST READ

Pacific Pundit covers The War on Cops

Moonbattery notes the evil of BLM

Mike McDaniel exposes the Soros campaign to destroy America

Freedom is Just Another Word digs deep to bring you RIDICULOUSNESS!

Free North Carolina has a good video, watch the whole thing

Diogenes rocks

By Other Means celebrates HOTNESS

The Captain: Race? Who Cares!

Blazing Cat Fur the down side of agitating

Animal talks about the good guns do

Fritz gives another reason to reelect Trump

90 Miles talks about a leftist ultimatum

19th Ward- TRUMP

Zendo Deb links and links some more and notes that some Black Lives matter not

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