Maybe the best thing I have read about the riots

The Other McCain weighs in, and nails it, it is all about pretext

Watching city after city go up in flames — stores looted, innocent people attacked, arsonists and criminals running wild — I had difficulty thinking: “What do I want to write about this?”

The first and most obvious thing is that this spree of criminal actity had nothing at all to do with what happened to George Floyd. People ransacking stores in Los Angeles, brutalizing people in Dallas and setting fire to City Hall in Nashville were not “protesting” against a violation of civil rights. The businesses and institutions targeted by these criminals had nothing to do with what police officers did in Minneapolis.

“Let’s loot a liquor store, because social justice!”

George Floyd’s death was not a reason for these riots, it was a pretext.

Hateful people do not need a reason to hate. Destructive people do not need a reason to destroy. They just need a pretext.

Go read it all, pass it around, it is something everyone should read

2 thoughts on “Maybe the best thing I have read about the riots”

  1. Yep – I’ve been saying for years (more like decades) that there ARE groups (pick from many choices) who no longer need a ‘reason’ to pillage, loot and destroy – they merely need an excuse (pretext). I suspect that the enablers of these current riots have long standing plans (large piles of bricks strategically placed for example) well established and were simply looking for a reason to light the fuse. Looks like they got it……………………..

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