Then the Thugs came for the truth

What happens when we are afraid of using our rights? And, thus of speaking the truth?

Since the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests that followed it, many athletes have used social media to express their feelings about the situation.

One of them, Falcons offensive tackle Kaleb McGary, took a stance he almost immediately regretted.

In a Twitter post, Atlanta’s 2019 first-round pick equated protesters to the cops who contributed to Floyd’s death in Minnesota.

Here is what he said

This is controversial? In what alternate universe? Frankly, that is one of the most lucid descriptions I have heard. McGary did not criticize the actual protesters at all. He criticized the trash that is looting, burning, destroying, and terrorizing. He criticized those who are destroying communities and businesses, many of them owned by Blacks. Again, in what universe is that controversial in any way? But, the speech Nazis came for him, and, sadly, he turned coward and chose to grovel

Again, he spoke the truth, that is now forbidden it seems.

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