You cannot parody the left example #213

Via William Teach

How Hawaiian Shirts Became a Symbol for the Alt-Right

Fresh off of claims that Fred Perry and the OK hand gesture are now totems of the alt-right movement, another seemingly pure and good thing is in danger of being ruined: the Hawaiian shirt.

For certain parts of the alt-right, the appeal of the Hawaiian shirt does not stem from a love of floral prints or Don Ho records. Instead, aloha patterns are a signal that they are ready for a second Civil War, which fringe voices like Alex Jones swear is happening soon. Unsurprisingly, this affinity for colorful palm leaves and breathable fabric is a shibboleth amongst Very Online sects of the alt-right, stemming from a cult  ‘80s movie, spoonerisms and a cache of sad men who don’t have friends in real life.

Go read the rest to see the world’s biggest stretch to connect the dots only a demented mind could ever find

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