Possible mass shooting stopped by armed American

Via Bearing Arms

On the morning of May 16, 19-year-old Brian Nicolai allegedly broke into the public safety building in the remote Alaskan village of Kwethluk near the state’s southwest coast. According to authorities, Nicolai donned body armor and a helmet, staged several rifles, and pulled the fire alarm. When local village police officers responded to the alarm, Nicolai opened fire.

Village Police Officer Tiger Lee was the first to respond to the scene, but when Nicolai shot at him, Lee couldn’t fire back. That’s because none of the VPO’s in Kewthluk are authorized to carry firearms. Instead, an armed citizen named Casey Thompson was ultimately able to get Nicolai to drop his gun before anyone was hurt.

The story reminds us of the idiocy of unarmed police officers, which, of course the left supports. Luckily, some there DID have a firearm

That resident was Casey Thompson, according to the trooper’s report. Thompson, armed with a rifle, was able to get the shooter to drop his weapon, the report said. Thompson declined to talk with KYUK about the incident.

Lee said that he’s glad Thompson had a gun, and believes VPOs should be able to carry them.

“If we had access to firearms, we’d be able to handle more of these scenarios on our own,” Lee said.

Of course, you have not heard anything about this on the news, do I really have to note why?

One thought on “Possible mass shooting stopped by armed American”

  1. How Unfair! By Golly, cops without Guns DEMANDS Fire departments not have hoses! Keep on with that lefty , so called Thought Process, and where does it lead? Grocery stores with no groceries,, Mechanics, Turn your tools in! Turn em all in!
    Im auditioning for a spot with the Bee,, so,, help me out,,

    Imagine going to wok every day knowing policy exists that makes your job, already hazardous,, even more so.. and the bad guys kNOW youre unarmed,, Yeah,, They need to walk out until whoever decided that is unemployed.

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