Yes, even in Texas the Leftist Totalitarians are trying to trample liberty

I say Texas, but this is Austin, and Austin is Leftist epicenter of, well, Karens

Just when you thought the Coronavirus snitching outbreak couldn’t get any worse, the societal virus continues to spread. Austin Mayor Steve Adler decided to channel his inner Kim Jong Un on Monday when he announced an extension of the city’s shelter-in-place orders.

But it was the decision to urge Austinites to rat out their neighbors that raised eyebrows. As you might imagine, the Karens of the city took Adler’s exhortation to heart.

Of course they did, busy bodies are never sated in their desire to lord their “values” over others

Adler then stated that they are hoping for Austinites to “self-police,” and affirmed that “these kinds of orders carry with them criminal penalties and the force of law.” At this point, he urged residents to report those who are not complying with the order. “If you see violations in the community, construction sites, restaurants, it’d be good to call 311 and let the city and the county know that that’s happening.”

One thought on “Yes, even in Texas the Leftist Totalitarians are trying to trample liberty”

  1. In my Junior/Senior High (probably lots of other places too) there was a saying “Snitches get stitches & end up in ditches…”

    I literally despise the rat bastards,40 years on & my feelings haven’t changed.They deserve whatever they get.

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