Coming soon?If you thought the Karens were bad…………..

Via Moonbattery

Too far fetched? Consider this, also from Moobattery

If Democrats ever run out of bizarre arbitrary decrees to impose in the name of ChiCom virus hysteria (e.g., Gretchen Whitmer banning the sale of garden seeds, J. B. Pritzker forbidding more than two people from sitting in a boat), they can turn to South Africa for ideas:

South African stores can only sell shoes if they are “closed toe,” and short-sleeved shirts if they are promoted or displayed to be worn under jackets or jerseys, according to the latest list of government rules that spell out what’s allowed during a nationwide lockdown.

This actually represents a lightening of COVID-19 tyranny in the Rainbow Utopia.

South Africa, which has diagnosed 11,350 coronavirus cases, first imposed a lockdown in late March, banning the sale of most goods besides groceries and medical supplies. The government eased the restrictions from May 1, allowing the sale of winter clothing and bedding to resume.

Those 11,350 cases are out of a population of over 58,775,000 — i.e., less than 1 in 5,000 South Africans have tested positive. According to Bing’s COVID-19 tracker, there have been 219 fatal cases. That’s 1 in 268,379 citizens. More South Africans are probably dying from drinking engine cleaning fluid than of the Wuhan coronavirus. But you never want to let a crisis go to waste.

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