Yes, Chuck Todd does deserve to be fired, yesterday

The Right Scoop did a nice job covering Todd’s, or NBC’s, or maybe both gross misquoting of AG Bill Barr. Maybe, wink, wink, it was an accident, maybe it was deliberate, whichever the case he Todd should be kicking rocks already. Either he is incompetent, or just a hack, either way……

The official Department of Justice Twitter account for Attorney General Bill Barr spokesman Kerri Kupec not only called out NBC’s Chuck Todd for a deceptively edited clip of the AG, but retweeted others doing the same. He made an airtight, devastating case.

Without hair-on-fire griping, he calmly dismantled Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’ fake news, simply saying he was “very disappointed” and allowing the facts (and retweets) of Todd’s own words shred him. The video is below (after the spox’s tweets) in a share from Daily Caller’s Greg Price that was retweeted by Kupec.

How bad was it? Observe

This is clearly not journalism, and it is almost unfathomable to believe it was not just a hatchet job by NBC and Todd. And that type of hatchet job should get Todd he axe

2 thoughts on “Yes, Chuck Todd does deserve to be fired, yesterday”

  1. My apolitical dad told me a decade ago that MSNBC is just one big Obama commercial. Now he says it is one big anti-Trump commercial. For somebody who is barely paying attention – it is Still obvious. The MSM is largely propaganda, not journalism.

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