Friday Featured Blogs

Yid ponders Don Lemon’s sanity

19th Ward- Drunk on Power

Zendo Deb asks why the Left ignores women who use firearms to defend themselves

Feral Irishman notes the Rise of Karens!

Nod to the Gods has some Fake Outrage

90 Miles looks at the “evolution” of #MeToo

Fritz takes an in depth look at the clearing of Michael Flynn

Lots to see at View From Lady Lake

Theo Spark has TOONS!

Animal Magnetism looks at religion in America

Blazing Cat Fur notes more Chinese propaganda

The Other McCain: Shifty Schiff  and NO, Alligators are not pets

Sonoran Conservative really likes volleyball

By Other Means has some Gingermania goin’ on

You have to read Daniel Greenfield

Diogenes’s Middle Finger We are all Doomers now

Red Pill Jew has Whittle Wednesday

Proof positive has a great quote

Political Clown Parade has Friday Funnies

Drakes Place has a bit of classic rock

Earl of Taint mocks Senile Joe

The Notorious EBL has an old western

Pirates Cove: Biden really wants to screw college boys!

Philthy-Delphia looks at tyranny

Firs Hannity straightt Street Journal advises we THINK

Free North Carolina has some history that will trigger some folks

Pacific Pundit notes the Little Ball of Hate from Minnesota is hatin’ again

Moonbattery has the latest idiocy from San Fran

Mike McDaniel tries to set Hannity straight

Mad Meddic has Gun Bits

It Ain’t Holy Water has more on the lockdown debate

Legal Insurrection notes the battle over due process

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