Wednesday Must Read Links

Go! Read! Learn! Laugh!

19th Ward- Harvard sucks!

Zendo Deb- Self-Defense ROCKS

90 Miles looks at the newest threat to our lives The K Word!

Whores and Ale- F@#& Colleges!

Feral Irishman tells us the rest of the story

Nod to the Gods offers perspective

Fritz looks at women who eat ice cream

Animal has Hump Day links

Blazing Cat Fur predicts bad news for Iran

The Lid notes how the left treats Blacks who leave the Leftist Plantation of Approved Thinking

Theo Spark has Toons

The Other McCain- Women Be Cray Cray

By Other Means Guns plus Babes equals……..

Camp of the Saints has some history

Diogenes has Fredo’s Return

Sonoran Conservative has an inspiring short film

Red Pill Jew has some Rule 5

Proof Positive has a great quote

Drakes Place notes the vermin at the SPLC are at it again

Earl of Taint has some funny stuff

First Street Journal has a story that should enrage every one of us

PCP mocks America’s dumbest mayor

Pirates Cove then they came for our garage sales

Gellar Report- Peaceful Palestinians?

Free North Carolina has some medical news

Madd Medic looks at the pretzel logic of the left

It Ain’t Holy Water has lottery news

Pacific Pundit has the latest Don Lemon meltdown

Moonbattery FAIL

Mike McDaniel Guns and Liberty!

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