8 thoughts on “If there was a Mt. Rushmore of guitarists”

    1. The thing I loved about Gary Moore was that he used his guitar effects, pedals, amps, etc. to enhance what he did with his playing, not as a crutch to lean on to help make up for a lack of talent in his playing. I have seen a few musicians, including some who are famous, who use electronics to make up for a lack of ability. Just like auto tune for singers, it works, but it is not real, and doesn’t impress real music lovers. RIP to a very talented man, indeed.

  1. All great guitarists. I would mention John McLaughlin as worthy of consideration. Guthrie Govan is a guitarist many have not heard of, but he is phenomenally talented. If you are interested in a quick sampling of his spectacular playing, check out-

  2. Sorry–I should have mentioned that the link is to a series of Govan playing in other players’ styles…it’s not just the Johnny Winter piece.

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