Thursday LinkApaloozaManiaFest!

Some great links that you need to read. Some will make you laugh, some will make you angry, some will inform, some will make you go HMMMMMM, some will make you excited, and by excited I mean you will tell your significant other to put on that superhero costume and grab the peanut oil and silk scarves, and some will make feel happy

Animal has a great link fest for y’all

The Other McCain has Rule 5 Tuesday and also a great set of links to some great content of course do not look for anything from this blog because The S.O.B. that puts it together hates me or something. Or maybe I just suck

Zendo Deb has some self-defense news to brighten your day because, YES, thugs getting shot should make us all smile

90 Miles wonders why the media has dropped #MeToo like a hot potato

Fritz looks at some Bat Flu, or maybe Chinese Lab Flu numbers

Red Pill Jew has Wednesday Whittle,which is always good

By Other Means has some sagacity

Daniel Greenfield notes that Communism is still evil

Diogenes notes that The Obamassiah is still a tool

Free North Carolina sets a “historian” straight

Madd Meddic has some thought provoking thoughts on “stopping the spread”

It Ain’t Holy Water reminds you to put on PANTS

Mike McDaniel writes about the insanity of those who demonize police

Moonbattery asks why criminals are more safe out on the street

Pacific Pundit notes that New Jersey sucks

Pirates Cove: Are you FREAKING SERIOUS?

Is Nancy Pelosi out if touch with common folks

Proof has WISDOM

View From Lady Lake has funnies

The Feral Irishman notes how the shelter in place crap has hurt our dogs

If I missed anyone who links here sorry, let me know

3 thoughts on “Thursday LinkApaloozaManiaFest!”

  1. Well, heck, I’ll put in a request asking you to check out my blog and if you feel it meets your criteria to be added to your Blogroll. I’ve had your site on mine for ages, going way back to the days of “my old blog”.
    Thanks and appreciate the consideration!
    – Dave Drake

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