And then the government came to help………..

Ever wonder why the left is sooooooooo obsessed with everyone going to college? They say that everyone has a right to “free” college. Ever wonder why they look down their noses at vocational schools? You know, those places people go to learn actual useful skills? To be fair, a good number of people on the right do the same thing. But, vocational schools, unlike college, do not offer useless degrees, in exchange for massive college loan debt. And, once again, they actually teach on hand skills.

I would suggest that the reason is one word, indoctrination. This is also the main reason the left pushes for universal pre-school. Basically, the left wants to raise your children from 2-k through four years, at least, of college. Imagine how much they can “teach” a child from age 2 through age 22. You think we have identity-obsessed snowflakes now? Think we have too many people that possesses zero common sense now? Just wait!

I raise that theory of mine because, well, of something I read this morning at Animal Magnetism. It seems former Clinton crony Donna Shalala is pushing a bill that would push veterans towards college while dissuading them away from vocational schools

It’s long been one of my pet peeves that we’ve become a “every kid should go to college” society.  Plenty of kids shouldn’t go to college.  Furthermore, there is still a need for skilled workers in our country:  Electricians, pipe-fitters, welders and so on.  A skilled welder can easily make a six-figure income nowadays, and we aren’t doing enough to encourage kids to go into the trades.

Now, Clinton crony Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) wants to block the use of GI Bill funds from use in obtaining just this kind of training.  Excerpt

When veterans return home after serving our nation, they should be welcomed with open arms by their local communities who stand ready to help with reentry to civilian life. For many veterans, successful reentry hinges upon pursuing higher education, including at a career or vocational school.

Legislation recently introduced by U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) will take these efforts a step further by removing the ability of veterans and active military to use their GI Bill or DOD tuition assistance at career and vocational schools.

These efforts are reflective of a disturbing pattern by some in Congress who have long shielded public and non-profit colleges from the same transparency mechanisms required of proprietary schools. It’s worth noting that Congresswoman Shalala previously served as President of the University of Miami, which is a school that would be excluded from her proposed legislation.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm Animal offers this thought

This bit of horse’s-assery puts barriers in the way of veterans leaving the service who are seeking a transition to a profitable civilian career.  If I read this right, one could use GI Bill money to obtain a four-year degree in Ethnic Underwater Dog-Polishing, but not a two-year Associate’s degree in computer networking or CNC machining.

Which one of those, I ask you, is more useful to the American economy?  Which one will yield a better career to the veteran student?  I think the answer is obvious.

All part of the plan sir, all part of the plan

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