Houston, we have a problem………

Via Wirecutter

…..our mayor is a moron

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) on Sunday urged would-be criminals to remain in their homes and “chill” until the Chinese coronavirus epidemic subsides in the Texas city.

“The best way to help police officers is to not commit a crime,” Turner told reporters during a press conference on his city’s latest efforts to combat the deadly illness. “Until the coronavirus is resolved, criminals, take a break.”

OK, until the health crisis is over, then go back to the thug life?


3 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem………”

  1. I live close enough to Houston to hear almost daily news reports about the city. Their mayor is an imbecile, loyal to Progressive Fascism, and deserved by the populace that voted for him. For those in Houston that didn’t, may you figure out a way to get him out of office.

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