Georgia lawmaker has the right idea about gun laws

The left has used the Corona Virus to restrict, or at least attempt to restrict gun rights all across the nation. They have criticized those buying firearms for personal protection. They have, in many cases predicted dire scenarios of gun owners presenting a real danger to innocent people. Their arguments, of course, are the usual “but safety” nonsense. But, one Georgia legislator is using common sense and pushing for expanding carry right. Tom Knighton has the story

Meanwhile, some states tried to get away with shutting down the gun stores, using COVID-19 as a pretext.

However, a lawmaker in my home state of Georgia has a very different proposal.

A state lawmaker in Georgia wants to make it legal to carry a concealed firearm anywhere in the state because of the coronavirus.

“We need to suspend enforcement, especially during the state of emergency, when so many individuals need to be able to defend themselves and their families and their loved ones and their property,” said Republican state Rep. Matt Gurtler, according to GBP Radio.

Under the current public health emergency declared in Georgia, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp can override state laws. Gurtler wants Kemp to suspend enforcement of certain gun restrictions in the state.

That’s actually a very good idea.

You see, there are a ton of new gun owners in the state. Practically none of them bought firearms because they were going to go hunting. They bought them for self-defense.

Many of those firearms are handguns, purchased with the idea of carrying them so they’d be handy should something go wrong. The problem is that Georgia requires a permit to carry a firearm at all, either concealed or openly. There’s no avenue for the lawful carry of a gun without a Georgia Weapons License.

Guess what many people can’t really get right now?

Go read it all. This really should not be an issue, I firmly believe the entire nation should have constitutional carry, but, since we do not, steps like this are the proper course. You cannot stop violent criminals by disarming good people. And such a move might someday lead to Georgia adopting permitless carry for the law abiding.

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