Yes online dating can be dangerous for men too

Remember fellas, bad people come in both genders. Luckily for this man, he was prepared

An Atlanta man thought he was going to meet a woman for a date, but instead found himself in a shootout with strangers in his home Wednesday morning. According to Fox 5 in Atlanta, Tikoyo Lamonz Reeves connected with a woman on an online dating site, and invited her over to hang out. When she got there, she had brought along two uninvited guests; a woman who came in the front door with her, and a man who snuck in the back of the home armed with a rifle.

Atlanta Police Captain F. Turker says the Reeves’ dog began barking at the armed man, alerting the homeowner to the fact that there were actually three strangers in his home, and he grabbed his gun and exchanged fire with the home invader.

This man was very lucky for several reasons. He had a dog that alerted him of a third person, and he had a firearm close at hand. He was also foolish, very foolish to meet a first date at his house. And he should have never allowed his “date” into the home with an uninvited guest. Criminals will use any avenue to victimize their intended targets. Using online dating is no different, and men can be targets as well as women. 

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