Pennsylvania Democrat repeats lies, scolds people buying guns

Rep. Dan Frankel is losing his mind because GUNS BAD

So many Pennsylvanians bought guns last week that our state background check system crashed. Twice.

In fact, 4,342 of you bought or transferred a gun or applied for a license to carry a gun on March 17 alone, according to a press release from the Pennsylvania State Police. Of course, those are just some of the gun purchases, because Pennsylvania’s laws allow the private purchase of long guns with no background checks at all.

Let us fact check that first part Pennsylvania’s laws allow the private purchase of long guns with no background checks at all.

Ah no. ALL firearm sales require a background check, it is FEDERAL LAW! Now back to the usual anti-gun propaganda

The urge to self-protect makes sense.

Unfortunately, if you bought a gun last week, your home is now less safe.

REALLY? As I have noted my guns pretty much sit there, and do nothing, they are kinda lazy to be honest. I mean Rep. Dan Frankel says guns can hurt people.

There are three ways that a gun can hurt or kill someone in your house: homicide, suicide and accidents. Now, with your new gun in you home, every person in your household has a significantly higher chance of dying in one of those ways.

Sooooo, my guns are what? Plotting my demise? Planning to off my dog? What about the cat? He has hairball issues, will my guns make him have more hairballs? What about accidents? Will my Rugers plot to sabotage the stairs at the back door? Maybe my Springfield Armory will poison me because I like my Ruger and Sig better? Will my Sig make may fall in the shower? Will my Pretty silly questions these are. BUT, Frankel’s entire piece is nothing but scare tactics. Let us continue

On average, 350 children shoot themselves or someone else each year, according to an index of media reports maintained by Everytown, a gun regulation advocacy group. That’s just one reason that the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that the safest home for a child is one that is free of firearms.

That piece, done by an extremely biased group notes that there are 265 million legally owned firearms in America. 350 shootings is, statistically speaking very low. If Americans are so reckless with guns, these accidents would be much higher. It seems that the data shown argues that American gun owners are very safe. Yes these are all tragedies, and gun owners have an incredible amount to responsibility to be safe in handling/storing firearms. Again, these numbers suggest that we gun owners are being overwhelmingly responsible.

It is also true that education is key. Owning firearms with children in the home, or children who often visit comes with a supreme responsibility. The NRA, and other gun rights groups strongly support teaching gun safety in schools. The left, somehow cringes at this idea. Why, I cannot grasp. Perhaps the left hates guns more than they want kids to learn gun safety. 

Please, go read the entire column by Rep. Frankel

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Democrat repeats lies, scolds people buying guns”

  1. Pennsylvania’s laws allow the private purchase of long guns with no background checks at all.

    Dan Frankel may be an idiot, but he was correct on that point. Background checks for long guns are not required for private purchases in PA. Only if buying from a federally licensed dealer…………..

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